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龍巖泰華農資有限公司 龍巖泰華食品有限公司 龍巖泰華果蔬有限公司 泰華果蔬氣調保鮮研究所 泰華果蔬保鮮加工配送服務中心 泰華農產品質量檢測中心 泰華果蔬氣調冷藏保鮮庫 國酒茅臺龍巖專賣店 泰華高優農業生產示范基地
      Longyan Longyan agricultural Thailand Thailand Co., Ltd. (formerly Longyan crops Company) owned specialized agricultural production enterprises, Longyan City, "Credible Enterprise" and bank "AAA grade credit enterprise." The company operating a variety of high-quality domestic and international famous enterprises of pesticides, fertilizers, plastic sheeting, small farm implements, chemical raw materials and other agricultural production.

Thailand Co., Ltd. Longyan Longyan City, agricultural pesticides and fertilizers the largest business units. For a long time, the company in accordance with "based on the promotion of practice management, improve and promote business promote" agricultural technology management service policy, adhere to "honesty, quality first, customer first" business purpose and dedication to "agriculture, countryside and farmers" services in the nation's major manufacturers of agricultural supplies, agricultural province in the same industry and the city has a high reputation in rural areas, has won city, district Quality and Technical Supervision "reassure demonstration unit" and "trust the quality of agricultural products unit "and" to be assured demonstration unit "title.

Currently, the company has and Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd., Yun Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xing Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Qingfeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Red Sun Co., Ltd., Jiang Su Kesheng Group, Jiangsu dragon Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Limin Chemical Co., Ltd., Guangxi Aetna Chemical Co., Ltd., Hubei, Shannon Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dongfeng Pesticide Factory, Shenzhen Rui Defeng company, Fine Chemical Plant, Fuzhou, Liuguo Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Lu North Chemical Group, dozens of famous large-scale pesticide and fertilizer manufacturers to establish a solid business relationship, but also the United States, DuPont, Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences, FMC Corporation; Germany, Bayer CropScience, Pakistan BASF Corporation, the Swiss company Syngenta Crop Protection products of pesticides and other famous agents in western Fujian Province, Fujian Province Collaboration of new technology plant protection member.
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