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龍巖泰華農資有限公司 龍巖泰華食品有限公司 龍巖泰華果蔬有限公司 泰華果蔬氣調保鮮研究所 泰華果蔬保鮮加工配送服務中心 泰華農產品質量檢測中心 泰華果蔬氣調冷藏保鮮庫 國酒茅臺龍巖專賣店 泰華高優農業生產示范基地
      Thailand Longyan Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in fruit and vegetable storage and preservation, processing, preservation, processing technology, fruit and vegetable cultivation and other causes of the "Fujian Provincial Key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises." To play a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization demonstration effect, accelerate the construction of modern agriculture in the new process of Romania, the company in the new Red Fang Zhen Luo district invested a planning area of 1000 acres of high priority agricultural production bases. Bases are: use of favorable natural conditions for the project area, the introduction of market prospects, high efficiency advantages of new vegetable and flower seeds at home and abroad, water-saving micro-irrigation, new fertilizers, new pesticides, new farm machinery and other advanced agricultural science and technology through the base of the pilot demonstration plant, selected from rural areas suitable for large-scale cultivation of local varieties, the taking of "company + base + farmer" pattern of industrialization in the region to promote rural areas, promote large-scale farmers grow. Through orders acquire means, storage and preservation products, are sold after processing, commercial and foreign markets, so as to achieve "the farmer income, business efficiency, agricultural enterprises win-win" objective.

Demonstration base starting from July 2004 to start construction. So far, in accordance with the Board of Directors "high starting point, high standard, high-level" construction purposes, the base has been built, water, electricity, roads and other infrastructure in place high standards of 500 acres of vegetable production base, has shed built round a variety of sprinkler irrigation pollution-free steel frame features 100 acres of greenhouse production of vegetables and flowers, all in open field vegetables, water saving irrigation systems have been covered. Base has also introduced the United States, Japan, Netherlands, Taiwan and other countries and regions carrots, sweet corn, tomatoes, broccoli and other dozens of good varieties of vegetables, the introduction of the Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd. An Jia-saving micro-irrigation technology and equipment. The cultivation of varieties with high yield and water-saving micro-irrigation technology pilot demonstration plant, growing well, and achieved encouraging results. As a result of strict pollution control production process, the base of the product quality. Carrot production base through rigorous testing, in line with export requirements, for three consecutive years starting in 2005 sold to Japan, the production of stem mustard, broccoli and other characteristics of vegetable products are also sold to Hong Kong via Shenzhen Port has become the first western Fujian fresh vegetables direct export business. To 2009, has a total of citrus, carrots and other fruit and vegetable products have 7 signs of the Chinese Green Food Certificate.

In 2007 the famous Japanese chrysanthemum breeding company and business - Xing Yuan Jing signed a cooperation Youxiankuaishe "Fresh-cut chrysanthemums Silla export base area project," the agreement. The first phase of the "big wheel daisy flower varieties and cultivation techniques for screening test" in the model base year starts in April were, has been the introduction of the Japanese Chrysanthemum varieties of fresh-cut 120. After the two sides cooperate test technical personnel have achieved results satisfactory to both sides. Fresh-cut chrysanthemums in the first trial has been scheduled in December 2008 shipment exported to Japan, successfully passed the strict customs and quarantine in Japan and quickly sold out, product quality was the Japanese market recognition. March 2009, the project has been transferred to large-scale production feasibility study stage (ie small-scale pilot production stage) to November 2009, have tested the production of fresh-cut chrysanthemums 600000, product quality has reached advanced level of similar products by the market. Since the creation of demonstration bases, attached great importance to agricultural science and technology. So far, the company has undertaken a number of national and provincial agricultural research projects, including projects undertaken at the provincial level, "New Law Introduction and Breeding of improved varieties of vegetables in Taiwan area and Cultivation Model" has been in 2008, concluding; commitment to national Spark Project "to enhance the local characteristics in the chain of vegetable industry technology development and promote the use of" progress. Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and the base also, agricultural preservation technology development base in Fujian Province and other agricultural research institutes to work closely together to carry out pilot demonstration fruit and vegetable varieties and products of preservation technology research.

Currently, Thailand and the high priority agricultural production bases have been built into a vegetable and flower as the leading industry, good infrastructure, high level of agricultural science and technology, radiation driving ability, and smooth operating mechanism, the largest in the new area of modern Romania agricultural demonstration base, and in Fujian province in 2009 was listed as food (vegetables) base and the central city of Longyan, "Vegetable Basket Project" demonstration base.
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