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龍巖泰華農資有限公司 龍巖泰華食品有限公司 龍巖泰華果蔬有限公司 泰華果蔬氣調保鮮研究所 泰華果蔬保鮮加工配送服務中心 泰華農產品質量檢測中心 泰華果蔬氣調冷藏保鮮庫 國酒茅臺龍巖專賣店 泰華高優農業生產示范基地
Fruits and vegetables in Longyan City in Fujian Province Atmosphere Research Institute is a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization - Longyan Industrial Co., Ltd. Thailand under the scientific research institutions, is completed in 2002 the first modern Western Fujian tons of fruits and vegetables controlled atmosphere cold storage library after another to provide services for the fruit and vegetable production and research projects.

    The Institute has four laboratories capable of independent control of temperature, humidity, cold storage dedicated experiments, each equipped with three cold storage can be independently controlled atmosphere of gas component of the experimental box, which can be 4 different temperature, humidity, cold storage section fresh and 12 kinds of different components of modified atmosphere gas experiment. Laboratory using the advanced level of computer control system, can automatically control the temperature, humidity, gas composition, the CO2 and O2 on-line sampling and testing analysis and CO2, C2H4 removal by the 24-hour monitoring of computer laboratory equipment operating conditions, various test parameters in real time display, query, print reports and so on. Detection in guinea pigs, laboratory has been equipped with atomic absorption spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer, UV-visible spectrophotometer, gas chromatography, electronic scales, rotary evaporator, Polarimeter, pH meter, circulating water pump and a number of advanced equipment and organic, inorganic processing rooms, and are being further improved, in order for a high level of modified atmosphere packaging technology has laid a good foundation for the hardware.

    The Institute is committed to research the best fruit and vegetable pretreatment, the most appropriate storage temperature, humidity, gas composition, of different storage process on the physiology and biochemistry of fruits and vegetables, and fruits and vegetables during storage quality changes. The results in the company's tons of atmosphere in the test library card. The Institute will pay close attention to domestic and international fruit and vegetable atmosphere packaging technology developments, take the "production, learning and research," a combination of road, and gradually overcome all kinds of fresh technical difficulties for China to contribute to Fruits and Vegetables Storage, fresh fruits and vegetables to become first-class technology base. The Institute will work with research institutions outside the province for a wide range of scientific cooperation and exchanges, keeping warm welcome home and community colleagues to visit and exchange and cooperation.
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